Free standing punching bags are neither suspended from chains nor are they held tight by a hook or a clip. They are just standing on the floor. When you hit them, they rebound with an equal force. TurnerMAX standing punching bag is one of the best standing punch bag, the company has ever produced.

What are the uses or benefits of a free standing heavy punch bag? Or more importantly, why do I need a free standing punch bag? These questions definitely should come in our minds before deciding which punch bag to buy.

Some punch bags are specifically for perfecting boxing technique – while others will let you practice accuracy and timing. The basic function is to increase your raw punching power & stamina.

Benefits of Free Standing Bags are Countless

  • It’s an enviable cardio.
  • It saves you a lot of time going to and coming from the gym.
  • If you own a standing bag, you can draw a great workout from beating up the bag.
  • As you are sweating it out on the bag, happy hormones (endorphins) are being produced, reducing stress & anxiety.
  • Weight loss, heart health, muscle strength is gradually increased by training on them.

The legendary trainer Freddie Roach says, “I still make all my fighters use them. Mitts may look a little flashier, but the heavy bag is great for raw strength and power”.

Go for High Kicks

Free standing kick bag, as the name suggests will also allow you to kick and not only punch. It is a lighter bag than the conventional heavy bag that hangs from a ceiling hook or punch bag bracket. Make sure you fill the base with sand or water and place it on a rugged surface so that it doesn’t move from its position. Strike it hard as a test, if it doesn’t move, you are well set!

TurnerMAX is a brand that usually gets the most hits when it comes to quality and cost-effectiveness. Their free standing punching bag in red is quite popular in the UK but it is recommended to do your own research before buying.

Buying made Easy

6ft free standing punch bag is a great piece of equipment for ladies & kids at home. It is suitable for most of the players or athletes, especially kick boxers & martial artists. Kids can punch it and use it for a quick workout, whereas the girls and women who love to stay in shape can use it as part of their cardio. It is easier to assemble and its portability is a great buying factor. 

eBay – A Dependable Partner

Where can I buy it from? Again, this question is normally asked as we are always looking for reliable and trust worthy online portals. eBay is one name that everybody trusts when it comes to eCommerce websites. Many punch bags are displayed in their sports category and it wouldn’t be difficult for you to find your favourite bag.

If you own an apartment which means the space is limited – free standing punch bag is closest to the best thing you can get for your cardio or bag work as a boxer, martial artist or MMA athlete. The standing punch bag doesn’t need to be filled because it is packed with high-quality foam covered by a layer of synthetic leather. It not only lets you practice your punches, kicks but elbows and knees as well. Standing punching bag would be a perfect addition to your home gym.

Longsight Boxing Club & TurnerMAX

A fitness club in Manchester has kept TurnerMAX free standing punching bag in red as the young athletes always want to discover new and innovative ideas of training. This is one of their mainstream devices to train themselves as ruthless punchers & kickers. They keep going at it until they don’t fall in love with it. Even ladies could walk in and have a go at it.

Think of it as Someone you Don’t Like

The idea behind a free standing boxing bag is to think of it as someone you don’t like. It can be a nosy neighbour, irritating boss or your always complaining ex. You can kick it as hard as you can and let out all the frustrations, eventually helping you unwind and relax in a positive way. As a result of this heavy workout, you won’t feel the need to do any other form of exercise. A free standing kick bag is a wonderful workout generating power through your legs and core.

Best Free Standing Bags to Date

Which are some of the best free standing bags? Well, there are many names which have proven in this particular category of combat sports. If I name them, you would call me as if I am paid to talk about them. This isn’t the case as I am here, solely, for the purpose of sharing some basic knowledge about free standing boxing bags. The free standing heavy bags are not so cheap since they provide complete functioning of a hanging bag without the hooks & brackets.

TurnerMAX Offers Budgeted Price

Price range depends on the quality, brand, height and amount of material filled in that particular stand alone punching bag.  Free standing training bags are obviously training bags that are usually 6 feet in height and stand firm on bases filled with sand. The base acts as a punching bag stand on which the upper part gets fixed to make it operational. Ordinarily, the punching bags with stand are quite expensive and one needs to spend all his pocket money to purchase one, I believe.

Here, again, I would like to mention the TurnerMAX red free standing punching bag because of its price. The price is much lower than what is the usual price of the best free standing bags on the market. One flaw of this non-hanging punching bag is that the height can’t be adjusted. It comes fixed, standing tall at 175 cm.

Taekwondo – Now or Never

Taekwondo free standing bags for the kids could really help them learn the art of kicking and boxing. They surely will be the first ones to defend normal kids against bullies in schools and street thugs because they have been learning TKD. No one would intimidate you if you knew exactly how to self-defense. I would recommend these bags to ladies or girls who ever feel like they are being harassed or tormented. Ladies, it’s time to glove up!

Kickboxer’s Paradise

What comes to your mind by the word “kickboxing”? Yes, it involves a lot of kicking. To perfect your kicks, hooks, undercuts, you need a free standing kickboxing bag. This particular bag by TurnerMAX can be considered as the best kickboxing bag as it can take intense blows.

Muay Thai – When You Get Bored of Shadow Boxing

Last but not the least, Muay Thai players need not be worried anymore because this specific bag can even be used as a free standing Muay Thai bag. The sport focuses on having a sparring partner but when a partner isn’t available, this bag can become your very own buddy. You can have a go at it and while it rebounds you can move around it to have a go at it again & again!